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1) 10 monthly educational meetings held during the year providing vital information needed in the fight against insurance fraud. As a result of attendance, the participant will receive a verification certificate worth 2 CEU's applicable to most licensing or certification requirements.

2) In addition to monthly meetings, a full day educational seminar is offered during the year. This is generally comprised of a number of highly qualified experts in the field of insurance fraud investigation and related crimes. These full day seminars carry an additional 6 to 8 CEU's as well as a formalized certificate of attendance.

3) Every active member receives updated contact lists, which include members of SIU's throughout the insurance industry as well as the law enforcement community. These contact lists help to cement professional relationships through our joint efforts as well as assists members in obtaining needed and necessary information during the course of their investigations.

4) All meetings take place in secure facilities in order to preserve our protection under applicable Immunity Statutes when exchanging vital information. In addition, our membership is strictly held to members of SIUs, NICB, IFB, law enforcement and fire officials as per our applicable by-laws.

5) Current trends and information related to professional "ring" operations are discussed in detail which provide carriers with a defense that is not available anywhere and will allow for the ultimate protection of a company's financial well being.

6) This is a non-profit organization and we have structured our membership fees and meeting costs accordingly. The initial membership fee is $25.

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